Pre-Observation form

Pre-observation Form
Form for recording details for your teaching observation


Observer’s Name Chrissi Nerantzi 


Date & Time 26.10.12.  11.00


Location Room 3.19 MediaCity


Module & Session title Radio News  – What’s the story?


Number of learners – 20 ish



Give a brief description of what you know about your learners.

These are first year BA Journalism students.  They are an engaged group of learners who collaborate well as a group.  Their first assessment is due on 9th November.


Learning outcomes to be achieved during the session

•Rate the newsworthiness of stories in a radio bulletin
•Discuss where to find news stories
•Find and pitch your own news stories

Brief session outline

  1. Analyse a news bulletins.  What makes each story newsworthy?
  2. Where do news stories come from?  Discussion
  3. Social Media v traditional sources.
  4. Dragon’s Den game.  Each group hunts for a story, carries out research, discusses how to pitch their best story.  They pitch to the rest of the group, the group can quiz them and we vote for our favourite.

Rationale for session

Include any details about teaching methods, resources, assessment & feedback strategies

This session is designed to build up to the practical element – finding news stories and pitching them to their peers.  The rationale is that they have to find a newsworthy story and understand the research they need to do in order to substantiate the idea so that they can really sell it.  But they also get to analyse their peers’ pitches and question them for detail and clarification.  I hope the two-pronged approach (seeing the problem from both ends) will help reinforce the learning from the first part of the lecture.


Are there any aspects of the session you would like the observer to focus on?

For example: interaction with students, use of resources, pacing, feedback etc.

Everything, really!  I felt this session wasn’t a huge success last year so I’m trying a much more practical approach.  I also hope the group work will enable students to collaborate – an important part of real life journalism.

Remember to send this to your observer as far in advance of the session as possible.




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