Pre-Observation form for 09.11.12.

Pre-observation Form

Form for recording details for your teaching observation 

Observer’s Name Dave Randles

Date & Time 09.11.12.  10.00-11.00 

Location Room 3.19 MediaCity 

Module & Session title Radio News  – Building a Bulletin 

Number of learners – 20 ish 


These are first year BA Journalism students.  They hand in their first assessment on Friday 9th. 

Learning outcomes to be achieved during the session

  • Analyse different radio bulletin styles
  • Explain the purpose of radio bulletins
  • Create running orders in iNews
  • Design a radio bulletin
  • Prepare for the first Newsday!

Brief session outline

We’ll start by discussing their experiences recording interviews for use in their 1st assessment task.  Last week, most had said they were nervous about interviewing so I’m keen to share their thoughts about how the interviews went and what they learnt.

In groups – discuss a radio news bulletin I’ve recorded for them.  Each group has different one from a variety of stations (eg R4, Key 103, World Service).  They need to think about target audience, stories used, style, format.  Each group presents to the class.  Discussion.

Neil Salmon explains how to create running orders for bulletins in iNews.

Students play Fantasy News Bulletins – they design a bespoke news bulletin for a radio station they’ve invented (including designing a logo!)

We plan their 1st Newsday when they will be producing live bulletins.

Rationale for session

I’m trying to use constructive alignment here whereby “all components – intended learning outcomes, teaching/learning activities, assessment tasks and their grading – support each other, so the learner is enveloped within a supportive learning system.”

Are there any aspects of the session you would like the observer to focus on?

I would like you to focus on the constructive alignment – the learning outcomes, the activities I designed to achieve these and how I know that they have learned (assessment).

Remember to send this to your observer as far in advance of the session as possible.



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