Declaration Page

By submitting my work here I declare that:

– This work is my own

– If this is a group project, each student has contributed to the work in accordance with the set criteria

– The work of others used in its completion has bee duly acknowledged

– Experimental or other investigative results have not been falsified

– I have read and understood the University Policy on the Conduct of Assessed Work (Academic Misconduct Procedure)*

It is the Student’s responsibility to be aware of this policy and procedure.


One thought on “Declaration Page


    Student’s Name: Liz Hannaford
    Marker’s Name: James Christian
    Date: 09/01/2013
    Module: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE)

    Competence and engagement with appropriate aspects of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UK PSF)
    Pass (excellent) – You demonstrated high level of competence in areas that are relevant to the module. There is evidence of deep and critical engagement with appropriate aspects of the areas of activity, core knowledge and values of the UK PSF.

    Engagement and application of literature
    Pass (excellent) – You demonstrated critical engagement with a broad range of generic and subject specific HE literature. There was evidence of the transformation and synthesis of ideas through application in own practice. You used the Harvard Referencing consistently throughout.

    Pass (excellent) – There is rich evidence of deep, appropriate reflection (i.e. critical exploration and reasoning of practice in a wider context). Your work provides a clear picture of the impact of learning during the module. Your self-analysis is good. You provided a clear action plan for further development. Your plan is completely informed by the reflection.

    1 Examine effective teaching, learning and assessment practices in a variety of educational and disciplinary contexts
    > excellent

    2 Identify student learning needs in order to formulate relevant and inclusive learning support and guidance strategies
    > excellent

    3 Discuss how learning technologies and other resources can be deployed within different educational contexts, based on an informed pedagogic rationale
    > excellent

    4 Critically evaluate theoretical perspectives on, and approaches to, student learning and motivation within different educational contexts
    > excellent

    5 Critically discuss the key features of quality assurance, enhancement and evaluation within a Higher Education context
    > excellent

    Hard-pressed to come up with three areas for improvement – you seem to have engaged well with the literature and UK PSF, and have a well-developed sense of critical self-reflection. Not really sure what worlds you have left to conquer. Just one suggestion for now:

    • Write an article (either for an educationalist journal or magazine) detailing just how relevant PgCAP and its ideas are to first-year journalism students. You might outline what’s worked and what (if anything!) hasn’t worked – I think this could be of benefit to future PgCAPpers in journalism and media fields, if not Theoretical Physics ;-). You could try starting with a piece for RISE magazine (see, then maybe take it a bit further…?


    Hi Liz,

    An all-round “excellent” from me :-). Very fluent and readable writing style (would one expect anything else from a professional journalist?) showing that you’ve clearly been on an enlightening journey since September. I’m impressed by your commitment to teaching and the way in which you been so very willing (and, crucially, able!) to incorporate much of the stuff we’ve done into your own classes and thinking.

    I reckon we made an interesting and quite contrasting pair. And you’re perhaps the only fellow PgCAPper who’s been as prolific with blogging and reflecting as me :-).

    Gold star, top of the class :-).

    Best wishes (for the next module, but also in general, too!)


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