Professional Discussion


One thought on “Professional Discussion

  1. Hi Liz,

    It was a pleasure to discuss with you your learning on the module. Your reflection is excellent and you showed rich insight into your thinking using the Lego model you created. We are happy that you see value in collaborating with your students and would encourage you to identify opportunities to extend your support network among your colleagues.

    Criteria 1
    pass (excellent) – You demonstrated high level of competence in areas that are relevant to the module. There is evidence of deep and critical engagement with appropriate aspects of the areas of activity, core knowledge and values of the UK PSF.

    Criteria 3
    pass (excellent) – There is rich evidence of deep, appropriate reflection (i.e. critical exploration and reasoning of practice in a wider context). Your work provides a clear picture of the impact of learning during the module. Your self-analysis is good. You provided a clear action plan for further development. Your plan is completely informed by the reflection.

    Well done and all the best for the next module and your work here at Salford.

    Grade: pass (excellent)

    Dr Leslie Robinson and Chrissi Nerantzi

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